Wednesday, January 21, 2009

why I did not go to church to night.

Today I did not go to Wednesday night because I had to do my home work with my dad . Because it is due tomorrow , and it was really heard to do it so I needed help . and it toke me 3 hours to do it . Because I had two pages .


Kelli said...

its good to get your homework done. And I bet you feel so good its done, now you dont have to stay up late or worry about it.

Connie said...

2 pages? Why are they torturing you so? ;-)

Good you have your dad to do homework with. It helps to have a work buddy. I know that Brian gets frustrated with his long homework days too... especially when I make him erase a lot.. but I keep telling him that it is good for him. When you graduate high school, if you have worked hard to fill yourself up with all the free knowledge you can get, then you can take less classes in college to get a degree - you can test out! Taking a CLEP test means you get the credits without having to sit through a whole bunch of boring classes :-)

Mike and Christie said...

When I was a girl your age, I went to a private school one year because we lived in a very dangerous neighborhood and I could not attend the local school. I had 4 hours of homework every night EXCEPT Wednesday nights, because the school was located at a church and they wanted us to attend Wednesday night services. :)

I had to study really hard and by the end of that year, I learned so much that I sailed easily through the rest of my school years. :)

Tina in CT said...

When my daughter was your age, she had tons of homework starting in junior high and spent hours each night. She did very well in school as a result of it. Just think of all the knowledge and study skills you are building for the future by having good study and work skills.

You have a good father to help you.

Emily said...
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