Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Post

IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HI my name is Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like to knit,and I think that I am really good, and my sister Julia thinks that I am fast at it to.
Some of my sisters like what I make .Some time they ask if they can have it.I really like to knit.
knit is one of my favorite thing to do. When I don't have nothing to do.

MY FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!
I have 4 sisters and 6 brothers and my mom and dad and my 2 dogs.I really like my family because when i need them they are there for me .

I have a small brother his name is Dennis.he is one years old. he is really fun to play with.We just got him.from Ukraine that is where i came from to.

SNOW TIME WITH MY uncle !!!!!!!!!
today we are going to the snow, and I am really happy. Because my uncle are coming with us,and we haven't seen them in long time . I am really happy that we are going, and it will be my 3time going to the snow.

By Rachel


June Berger said...

Hi Rachel,

I found your blog from a link your mom has set up. I look forward to following your blog. What type of things do you knit? Maybe you could ask mom to use the camera and take a pic. of them and post them on your blog?

Connie said...

Hi Rachel! I can't wait to see more of your blog :-) We miss you and your family and it will be good to keep in touch with you like this! I've added you to my blog roll. Love you lots, Aunt Connie :-)

Jarka said...

hi! I love to knit too...but I´m very slow in it :P
I really like your blog:D and I can´t wait to read another post :) good luck


Violet said...

How exciting to start your very own blog! Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more about what you feel is important.
I have loved writing and journaling since I was about your age at it has been a blessing for me. I would have enjoyed having a blog.

Your lucky to be a knitter. I would like to learn. I'm left handed and have not been able to find someone who can teach me.

Look forward to reading more.


Nanny Debbie said...

Hi Rachel,
I am so looking forward to reading your blog as I love reading your mums blog !
your so clever to be able to knit, I can not do it at all !! My mum has tried to teach me on so many occasions and I still can't do it !!!

Tami said...

I linked to you from your mom's blog. I am a crafter too, but I sew a lot of items.
Keep on creating. I'd love to see a picture of some of the things you make.
-Mrs. Kromer

Daniela said...

Hi Rachel, I found your blog through your moms. I am really jealous that you can knit. I have tried it several times, but am way too uncoordinated.I can crochet. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I will check back again.

Angela said...

Welcome to the world of blogging friend!

I came here via your Mom's blog. She is so proud of you :o)

I love to knit, but I am not very good at it. I am looking forward to seeing some of your knitwork! Maybe it will inspire me to try again!!

Have a great day.

Jamie said...

Welcome to blogging! Found you through your mom...your family has quite a fan club :) Pretty cool that you knit- I tried to crochet for my first was pretty crooked. I saw your gloves on your mom's blog- very cool.

The McCollum Adoption said...

Hi Rachel,

my name is Kimerley I follow your mom's family blogg. cant wait to follow yours to. i have add you you to my favorits so I can check in with tou to see how things are going.


Nikki said...

Hi Rachel! I am trying to learn how to knit, but I am not very good. It sounds like you have a great family- I would love to have a big family myself one day!

Debbie said...

It's great that you have a blog, Rachel! I hope you have lots of fun with it. Maybe you could show us some of your knitting sometime. :-)

Tina in CT said...

Hi Rachel,

I found your blog through your mom's.

My German Oma taught me to knit as a preschooler. I didn't take it up again until I was in college as one of my friend's was a knitter. She went to show me how and I reverted back to the German method that I had learned so many years ago. I love to knit but do it in spurts.

If you go to Rachel's Etsy site, soon there will be a knitted pink outfit that I knit for her Etsy store to raise money for the orphanage in St. Petersburg. Rachel's site is Always Wanted Four.

I taught my daughter Tamara to knit when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She took off with it and soon was knitting very elaborate sweaters. Her blog is American Girls in Moscow.

I love reading about your family. I'm the one that sent Dennis the white sweater, Clifford, etc.

Welcome to the blogging world.


blue said...

Hi, Rachel, very cool that you have your own blog! I`m really looking forward to seeing some of your knitting projects.

My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was a kid, but I was way too impatient and got frustrated whenever I made a mistake. I still can`t knit! I did learn to crochet as an adult though. :)

Tracy'sspace said...

HI Rachel, I love your blog, and am looking forward to seeing some of your knitting. I love to knit, but dont do it much anymore. I hope you enjoyed your time in the mountains.

Kelli said...

I love the colors of your blog. And I am looking forward to reading your posts or seeing pictures of your knitting.

Kristen ~Ethan's Mommy~ said...

Hello Rachel! I follow your mom's blog and always look forward to a new post so I can learn more about all of you! What a wonderful family you have! What a talent you have to be able to knit! And, Julia crochets! Such talent... Stay sweet.

Becky said...

Hey Rachel, I found your blog just by clicking the next blog thingy. What kind of stuff do you like to knit? My aunt tried to teach me, but I'm hopeless with that kind of stuff. Look forward to hearing more about you. Kaity
P.s. I'm 13 and the oldest of a large homeschooling family.

hadassahrose said...

I love to knit as well. Nice blog. :)

Annie said...

Rachel, my daughter Anastasia would love to knit - but you know what? She is left-handed, and I can't seem to teach her! It is too hard for me to knit left-handed.

Julia said...

Hi this is rachel friend VIka